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Dr. Marquette provides birth control options for patients in Ocala, FL and surrounding areas of Marion County, FL. There are many different types and methods of birth control. The one depends on many factors including your age and general health as well as your pregnancy goals. Discuss with your provider any concerns and questions you may have concerning birth control and contraception.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills contain hormones that prevent you from ovulating. These cause other changes within the body that also prevent pregnancy such as a thicker mucus in the cervix and a thinner uterine lining. Both make conception much more difficult.

An IUD is a small, t-shaped device that is placed in your uterus by your ob/gyn during an office visit. Getting an IUD is nonsurgical and typically only takes a few minutes. Once in place, it provides continuous, highly effective birth control. The IUD can be removed by Dr. Marquette if pregnancy is desired.

Depo-Provera is a birth control shot containing a type of progesterone. It is injected about every 12 weeks by your healthcare provider into the arm or buttocks. Each shot provides protection against pregnancy for up to 14 weeks but the shot should be received every 12 weeks to remain fully protected. Depo-Provera works as soon as it is injected.


An implant is a thin plastic rod about the size of a matchstick. Our office offers Nexplanon as a great option. Your doctor or provider inserts the implant under the skin of your upper arm. This is performed in the office. The rod slowly releases a very low level of hormone into the body. The device will work for at least 3 years. It may be removed by your healthcare provider after 3 years or before if pregnancy is desired.


Essure is a permanent birth control option for women. Your physician inserts soft, flexible coils into the fallopian tubes. The tubes carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Over a period of about three months, tissue forms around the inserts. The build-up of tissue creates a barrier that keeps sperm from reaching the eggs, thus preventing contraception.

Bilateral Tubal Ligation

A Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) is a surgical procedure that involves blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent the ovum (egg) from being fertilized. It can be done by cutting, burning or removing sections of the fallopian tubes.

A vaginal ring is a small flexible ring that is inserted each month into the vagina. It releases hormones just like birth control pills and is replaced after each month. For 3 weeks it is left in and the next week you have your period, then you insert a new ring and start the cycle over again. The hormones within a vaginal ring prevent ovulation and make cervical mucus thicker to prevent sperm from entering through the cervix.

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