Pregnancy Timeline

  • You have a positive pregnancy test
  • Tell your partner the good news
  • Start prenatal vitamins (400 mg of folic acid a day)
  • Quit any unhealthy habits
  • Call to schedule your first OB appointment
  • First appointment with a physician between 10-12 weeks
  • First ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and due date
  • You may feel tired, bloated, and experience breast tenderness
  • Increase caloric intake by 300 calories a day
  • Nausea remedies: vitamin B, papaya, avoid strong odors, small frequent meals, BRAT diet
  • Informational doctor appointment on genetic testing, bloodwork, and what to expect during your pregnancy

12-14 weeks:

  • Share the good news with your friends and family
  • Start buying maternity clothes
  • OB visits every four weeks

18-20 weeks:

  • You may start to feel the baby move
  • Ultrasound to check baby’s anatomy- you may be able to see the gender at this ultrasound
  • Start looking for a pediatrician
  • Plan the nursery and register for baby items
  • 3D ultrasound available in the office. Must be done between 22-25 weeks

26-28 weeks: Diabetes screen

  • 26-28 weeks: Diabetes screen
  • 28 weeks: Start OB appointment every 2 weeks
  • Begin fetal kick counts
  • Pre-register at MRMC and take a tour of the hospital
  • Baby Shower 🙂
  • Childbirth classes
  • Pack a hospital bag
  • 35-37 weeks: Group B Strep Test
  • 36 weeks: Weekly visits start
  • Final ultrasound to check baby’s position
  • Elevate those swollen legs
  • Turn in paperwork for maternity leave

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! We’ll see you back in the office at 2 and 6 weeks postpartum.

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Dr. Raymond Marquette
Dr. Marquette has been in private practice in Ocala since 1996. He serves as Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at AdventHealth. In addition, he is the Medical Director of the Midwives of Ocala. Find Out More