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Are you searching for Obstetrical Care that you can believe in?

Women need and deserve complete care for every stage of their pregnancy.  The staff at Dr. Raymond Marquette’s off in Ocala, Florida is one of the most experienced groups you will find anywhere in the world. During this amazing time, we want you to feel secure, safe, and confident in the team that is treating you and your new baby.

Our office provides all our patients with top-notch early pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum treatment.

Ocala Prenatal Care: A Comprehensive Guide

Are You Looking For An Ocala Prenatal Care Provider? Introduction Prenatal care is crucial for ensuring a healthy pregnancy for both the mother and the baby. In Ocala, Florida, Dr. Raymond J. Marquette provides excellent prenatal care services, focusing on the unique needs of his patients. This article explores the importance of prenatal care, what […]

Planning For Pregnancy – 9 Things To Do!

Are You Planning For Pregnancy? Pregnancy planning is an important topic. Being proactive can make a huge difference in the entire process. Here are 9 crucial factors to consider if you’re thinking about having a child. 1. Start taking prenatal vitamins. A good rule of thumb is to begin taking prenatal vitamins well in advance […]