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Do You Need To Learn More About Your Yearly Well Woman Care Exam?

Let’s face it.

A well woman care exam at your gynecologist can be a little unnerving.

However, the process is very quick and a straightforward procedure that is extremely important to a woman’s overall health.  well woman exam

And once the purpose of these exams is understood and you know what to expect, you quickly realize there is nothing to be embarrassed about and no reason to worry.

The purpose of this yearly, routine gynecology exam is to have your female organs checked by a trusted health care provider like Dr. Marquette.  The actual exam will take around 10 minutes and will ensure that you are maintaining good gynecological health.

There will also be time before and after the exam to communicate with your doctor and ask any questions you may have.

Your well woman care exams should begin at age 18 or when you become sexually active.  Of course, if you experience problems, you should immediately make an appointment.

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